DDA architects was created in Paris in 1998 by David Devaux, graduated from the School of Architecture of Versailles. Claudia Devaux, graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne (Switzerland) and the Ecole de Chaillot (Paris), has joined the agency in 2007 after having worked 5 years in Berlin on restoration projects concerning modern heritage, notably the Bauhaus site at Dessau (Germany).

Between Paris and Berlin, the franco-german duo works on the development of cultural projects and on those concerning remarkable heritage sites. Through the Cultural Center Paul B. at Massy (91), the Arts School in the Ile Saint-Denis (93) and the Cultural Center of Bastia (2B), the will of including culture in the heart of urban renewal and development has been pursued by creating a place for all in close relationship with its context.

A historic heritage unit, leaded by Claudia Devaux within the agency, deals with projects related to historic buildings and particularly with protected historical buildings, Monuments Historiques classés, on which Claudia Devaux is qualified to operate.

After having accomplished the reception spaces such as the ones for the Arc-de Triomphe (Paris), the Mont-Saint-Michel (Normandy) or Carcassonne (Aude) for the public institution the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, the DDA agency is now restoring another major piece of heritage, the « Eileen Gray – Etoile de mer – Le Corbusier » site.

With the benefit of being able to work both on contemporary conception and on historical heritage restoration, DDA develops affirmed contemporary, sober and simple projects located in remarkable heritage contexts.

The agency pursues a double approach combining historical building knowledge and rough finished constructions, experimenting its ideas through the worksites often through an industrial partnership (Module U made with BFUP with CERACEM or Kbeen with KLH).


19, rue de la Forge Royale
75011 Paris
T. +33 (0)1 55 25 20 43
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  • David Devaux

    D.P.L.G architect
    Graduated from the Versailles
    School of Architecture.
    3rd cycle at Paris Belleville
    School of Architecture.
    DEA architectural and urban project.
    Consultant architect for the M.I.C.Q.P
    Agency opening in 1998.

  • Claudia Devaux

    Heritage architect
    Graduated from the Ecole de Chaillot
    (specialization for heritage conservation).
    Architect graduated from the Ecole
    polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.

  • Marie Fernandez

    Architect graduated from the
    Paris-Val de Seine School of Architecture.
    Project manager-study coordinator.

  • Jacques Ameil

    Architect graduated from the
    Clermont-Ferrand School of Architecture.
    Project manager-study coordinator.

  • Astrid Rioust de Largentaye

    Heritage architect
    Graduated from the Ecole de Chaillot
    (specialization for heritage conservation).
    Architect graduated from the
    Paris-Belleville School of Architecture.

  • Joan Bracco

    Photograph-graphic designer.
    Graduated from the École nationale
    supérieure des art-décoratifs, Paris.