Maison M.

Meudon, delivered in 2016.

The building site, located in Meudon, comes from the division into 5 plots of a garden belonging to a villa. The new buildings had to follow some architectural rules among which a double alignment on the street that would rhythm the urban perspective, the volumes and the materials to make façades of wood and white coating.

The plot has a North-South orientation, with the street access on the north side along the railway and the garden on the south established in the center of a block of other gardens without any overlooking.

The new houses are built contiguously on their limits East and West, which leave the openings to be placed on the South and North façades and on the roof.

The client’s program was put simply: 4 sleeping rooms, one living room, a swimming basin and a sauna. To this program, some particular wills were expressed:

  • a relationship with the exterior and the interior giving a maximum profit to the views and the natural light.
  • Give a benefit to the exterior spaces keeping a protection from the wind and the overviews (consequence of the urban context in the Parisian suburbs).
  • Open and fluid spaces,
  • A ability to store a big amount of books without covering the walls with libraries,
  • The respect of the architectural charter dictating a few principles for the group of 5 houses,
  • Taking into account the noise coming from the close Bellevue train station and railway some 100m from the house.

The Project

The seek for light and views on the garden and the calm for the sleeping rooms naturally guide the “served” rooms on the south side of the house, leaving the “serving” spaced to the north. A few skylights in the roof provide natural light in the heart of the building, especially over the swimming basin and over the staircase, which thus can have natural light all through the day. Every level has a view across the floor.

The relation between inside and outside giving the largest opening to the rooms on the exterior was one of the major requests of the future inhabitants and one of the architect’s obsessions. The south façade is therefore totally opened on the garden on all its length and on every floor. A vertically folding shutter device gives the possibility to open the whole of the south façade in the day and serves as sun-shading and complete closure at nighttime.

On the north side, the same device is set on the entranceway, which serves, when opened, as an awning protection and when closed to secure the access to the house.

A library-staircase is developed in the center of the house to lead to every floors under a skylight. On the ground floor, the living room generously opens on the garden. The kitchen is the central space leading from the entrance to the living room.

On the upper levels, the rooms overlook the garden. The swimming basin, on the first floor, is set in a double level volume under a skylight window that gives a view on the sun course. A solarium extends the south side also overlooking the garden on which it can completely open.

The garden was designed by DDA agency.

The project respects the agency’s dear ideas of building with rough and limited materials: matte concrete for the indoor floors, natural wood for the major joinery. The walls and ceilings are painting in white. The clerestory shutters, very visible from the interior, are made of rough red-cedar wooden cleats. These wooden devices, being able to cover both north and south façades, offer a protection from the exterior and a dim effect without preventing the views in the interior thus providing intimacy to the house.

Project contractor

Project designer
Devaux & Devaux architectes.
Project manager : Marie Fernandez

Engineering consultants
Fluids : Choulet.
Swimming pool : Jaune et bleu.

260 m2 SU.

Cost of construction
800 k€ ht.